Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. My musical journey has a beginning, an end, and a new beginning.

The first beginning was back when I was in the 3rd grade and heard The Beatles. They had already broken up but they inspired me to switch from the accordion (I kid you not) to the guitar, which I have played ever since.

The first end came after college. I was in a band with my friend Toby Germano and we were serious enough that I had to ask myself if I really thought I had what it took to be a Rock God. One look in the mirror gave me my answer. I never stopped playing, but I let go of the music dream and grabbed on to a new one: becoming the creative director of a real ad agency.  

Then, in 2006, when I was working that dream ad job, the second beginning happened. It started with a severe traumatic brain injury, which happened not as a result of my trying to drink Keith Richards under the table, but rather a fall. In the bathroom. Alone. Zero cool factor. As I recovered, I would noodle on my guitar and more often than not I would think of a riff or some words, which had always happened, only now rather than evaporating back into the ether, these riffs and words would stay with me, playing over and over in my head and taking shape into songs. In a few months I had enough tunes for an album and being on full time disability and facing the prospect of never working again (my doctors favored tough love), I made that album. In fact, I made two.

Today, I'm convinced that music played a fundamental role in my recovery and I am not just back at work, but also married and the father of twin girls -- and still working on songs, which I will do until the final end.