The song that refused to be written.


A while back, I worked on a set of songs with my friend Dave Tutin. We called the result "Deep Salvage", which is now the name of my "band", and while the CD we released had four songs on it, there were supposed to be five. But the chorus of one song refused to be written.  Over and over and over I played through the chorus and mumbled the words... and every time, even though I thought the chords seemed good and Dave's lyrics fit nicely, something just did not feel right. I thought about the song when I woke up, when I went to bed, and many, many moments in between, playing the chorus again and again in my head. After a few months, I wanted to give up. I had plenty of other songs, did I really need this one? But I liked the song. And I believed I could get it right. And I did not want to admit defeat. And then, one day, I was out for a walk and justlikethat the right phrasing and melody for the chorus played in my head. I repeated the idea again and again to be sure I liked it (and also so I would not forget it) but after I recorded the new chorus, I fixated on how the harmonies just weren't working ... until one night in a fit of frustration I got out my microphone, strapped on my headphones and did my god-damned best to sing it myself at home. Playback was was tolerable so I sent my vocal tracks to Jaimeson Durr, the BRILLIANT engineer I always work with, and asked him to futz around with my voice until it sounded reasonably cool and more like a texture than a guy who had no business singing. He sent me the result and...

I was done.

So without further rambling, I give you Undeserving. (Yes, the thought has crossed my mind that I was simply undeserving of this song.)